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The Taiji of Patrick Kelly

History of Patrick Kelly's school & students

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The founders

In practicing sincerely and passing on benefit gained through the art, we honour those who cleared and developed the path before us.

Master Huang Xiangxian

(Huang Sheng Shyan) 1910-1992

Student of Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man-Ching) & Patrick Kelly's Taiji Teacher. This picture was taken at one of his three visits to Patrick's New Zealand school at St Benedicts St. He was presented with a pounamu mere by a student carver who fashioned it. Fittingly the mere of a chief.

Patrick Kelly

Our Taiji teacher

A close and only western 'inner' student of Master Huang. Patrick's other main teachers were Naqshibandi Sufi Gnostic Abdullah Dugan and the Indian Yogi Mouni Maharaj

See Patrick's site https://patrickkellytaiji.com/ for an abundance of  information about the teaching

Who we are

Senior instructors associated with The Taiji School & Infinite Taiji

Mark Wallis

Principal Instructor for The Taiji School | Onehunga

A student with Patrick Kelly since 1982 and instructor at Patrick's Auckland school since 1992, I have spent spent most of my teaching time at the St Benedicts St school, taking beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. 

I find a deep attraction to the art and strongly appreciate the systematic, structured approach our school has to Taiji 

Anna-Maria Hunter

Principal Instructor for Infinite Taiji | Ellerslie

I have 30 years of taiji experience and was teaching at Patrick Kelly’s Taiji School in St Benedicts Street here in Auckland for a number of years, and before that in my studio overseas. 

John Carter


Forty years ago, at my very first class as a beginner with Patrick Kelly I had no concept whatsoever of what the practice of Taiji was really about -  just liked the look of it and it felt wonderful! From that superficial starting point, many years passed while slowly awakening to the deep experience of training internally, both the body and the Mind. My fascination has never diminished.